4 magnacarta part 1

Welcome to the show it is March 3rd this is our fourth show today we’re going to be covering a topic which we need to cover in order to understand more about Canadian law, its constitution, and Charter of Rights …. We will be talking about the Magna Carta today. The Magna Carta is one of the base building blocks of our Canadian Constitution it is not found in the Constitution but is reference in our literature surrounding the Constitution of Canada there are many base building blocks of our Constitution which have been collected over the course of 500 years or so. These base building blocks have been dumped in no particular shape or form into our Constitution and as such we now have a constitution that is both written and unwritten. This makes it hard to argue about constitutional ideas since a lot of it is unwritten constitution of ideas.

freedom is not free is a podcast project created by your friends and fellow citizens. We talk about God,, and freedom. In you 18 vs 20 in the King James Version for where two or three are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them….. Come and join us project.



This is a repost of an original podcast. This repost has a few improvements on it including a new graphic some editing.



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