Principle 2 Faith Begins with Self-Interest

principle 2
The second principle among the 13 principles of posterity is just about as pivotal as the first. The first being “God is the author of prosperity.” The first is quite pivotal because after your first decision you realize that there is a set of immutable law that man must discover laws by which God himself must comply. When we comply with these laws we’re blessed with the consequences among which is prosperity. Much is said about faith. According to Wikipedia “Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, concept or thing.[1][2] The English word is thought to date from 1200–50, from the Latin fidem or fidēs, meaning trust, derived from the verb fīdere, to trust.[1] ”
If faith concerns trust how does one come about trusting? I believe trust begins with oneself. I think if you cannot trust yourself how is it that you can extend any sort of trust towards another human being, system, or rule. where does that building trust begin? In an experiment / game and learning the rules of that game/experiment and building upon it.Faith Begins with Self-Interest
Faith is knowing the truth and trusting the result. If we know that there are laws by which nature works, we would comply with these laws we trust that the result is good. Now one thing that you may say is this or that law of nature is not true and faith in this law won’t get you anything…. my response is nature’s law is true whether you believe them or not. Let’s take falling…. before Newton, did people not fall? They fell… They didn’t believe it was a law of nature, and until they understood that law, they believed in mysticism. One could not predict with any certainty of the result of much on earth without understanding that gravity was a law. We have overcome gravity to accomplish great marvels, but only by that faith in this law could we walk on the moon.

This good that is the result, of following Natures law, is something we want. This want is in your interest get more good…. self interest or rational selfishness…”which means: the values required for man’s survival…the good we received is utilized in the continuance of our life force. a rational selfishness to utilize the good to keep our selves alive. The protection of the continuance of our life and the surplus (future life) is why we come together as civilizations. … for our self interest in protecting each of our lives we join together instituting government to protect our life and the surplus(future life). My requirement of life is the start or base if faith, selfishness in that light has no negative connotation. Knowing the Laws of Nature and putting them to work because I want to live is the act of a faith filled person.

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