random thoughts on the wild rose’s Democracy & Accountability release

random thoughts on the wild rose’s Democracy & Accountability release

‎”Predictably, this lack of democracy and transparency has resulted in poor government policies, low voter turnout, almost universal cynicism towards elected officials and a feeling that the average Albertan has no voice or influence on iss…ues that affect them personally”….so it seems to me that centralize power needs to be rescinded and local people should relieve the government of the majority of its responsibility and allow provincial and federal government to get back to what they do best…foreign relations, control and maintaining the military, inter provincial/ national trade and protection of the individual rights of its people. If every one had a hand in his or her own governance there would be NO voter apathy, the poor would be taken care of by their own wards and neighborhoods, disputes taken care of at the smaller levels , we would be in control of our destiny, and our voices would be heard.

‎”Albertans deserve better” no Albertains need to be better…we need to have a hunger for freedom, a personal relationship with God, and a hand in our own governance.

‎”Institute fixed dates for general elections, senate elections, the Budget, Legislative sessions, and the Speech from the Throne.”….yes … but not far enough How about term limits in all levels of government 8 years. and wages of government to be below the average of a typical blue collar job. this should be an appointment of honor not one for the politicians got get gain.

As well, 100% of retirement payments to all federal and provincial employees need to stop. I’m not going to get retirement payments by time I retire unless I save from my paycheck … neither should people like Ralf Kline or the cookie monster.

Overhauls the rules governing the Legislative Assembly in order to reduce partisanship, ensure fairness and impartiality to opposition parties by the Speaker’s Office, and to improve decorum in the House. isn’t this one of those things where its too broke to fix….it already has termites and they have eaten the structure…impose term limits and retro act them any one longer than 8 years is out and their place/ seat is up for new-election

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